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Female contestant Ma Nuo became a media interest after her controversial remarks to a male contestant that she would "prefer to cry in a BMW" than laugh riding on the back of a bicycle.One male contestant, a son of a businessman, was rejected by all 24 women on one episode for egregiously showing off his sports cars and bank statements instead of his life and interests.In 2013, the show began broadcasting on SBS 2 (now SBS Viceland) in Australia, in an hour-long version with English subtitles provided by SBS.If You Are the One has been a ratings success in China and is now the highest-rated show for Jiangsu TV. The show is viewed internationally over the internet and satellite television.North Korea wants many things including economic access, so the price tag to negotiate with North Korea on anything is much higher than it ever was because of its nuclear capability now.

China is thus at long last prepared to connect the dots in its relations with North Korea.China insists that it desires normal, nominally co-equal relations with both Koreas.But Beijing’s ties with Seoul and Pyongyang are already highly imbalanced.Nuclear weapons and missiles are indeed powerful strategic tools, but in North Korea they have brought real and imminent national strategic risks.” Such sentiments have never before been voiced openly at such authoritative levels in Beijing, but they have now entered mainstream Chinese strategic debates.In an extraordinarily frank interview during a recent visit to South Korea, Ambassador Wu Dawei, China’s long-time lead negotiator on the Korean nuclear issue, expressed mounting frustration that North Korea lets China’s advice “go through one ear and out the other ear.” Ambassador Wu ominously asserted that by refusing to forego its nuclear and missile capabilities, North Korea had “signed its own death warrant.” Has China concluded that North Korea is on borrowed time?

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