Who is cole sprouse currently dating

They bring out the best in each other and when rumors started flying and were seemingly confirmed by sources this summer that off-screen, Cole and Lili were an actual item, shippers hearts' everywhere nearly burst.Bughead is simply precious and knowing these two are head over heels in real life restores everyone's faith in love, tbh.

"I think that in many ways it’s offensive and an invasion of privacy, but it’s also a badge of honor because it means you’re creating a chemistry onscreen that is so understandable that people want to see it in real life, which is flattering from a professional perspective." And when he was directly asked about his relationship with Lili, Cole shut it all down by letting us know you won't ever catch him spilling any tea to the public. "No comment because whether you dismiss those rumors or whether you encourage those rumors, it’s giving people who are in my opinion are a bit entitled to your personal life more power, and you have to have spaces for reverence in the industry.

People are just dying to know information about if I’m in a relationship or not.

I understand the interest, but it’s called a private life for a reason.

fans are very aware that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have a crazy amount of on-screen chemistry.

It's part of the reason why their characters' Jughead and Betty's romance is one any viewer of the show can see is truly something special.

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