Updating psp 3000

Sony has however thrown a little Brucey Bonus at the PSP 3000 –something which will make owners of the 2000 model a little bit envious –and that's a new and improved screen.

Screen siren You know how the PSP's screen is already quite sexy?

There's definitely an improvement here – but we'd never had too many problems with glare on the old screen so it's also difficult to say how much of one.

Certainly the improved anti-glare combined with the brighter display makes gaming outside easier, but if you have a light source directly above you you're still going to have to angle the screen away from it, obviously. Of course, the big question now we've revealed the PSP's big old screen is now uber bright is, 'Does that mean the battery life is going to be consumed quicker than Red Bull at a narcoleptic convention?

To get the overriding question out of the way, of course PSP 3000 (an unofficial name – its packaging simply refers to it as the Slim & Lite PSP with enhanced screen and built-in microphone, but we don't want to get everyone confused) isn't worth upgrading to if you already own the PSP Slim & Lite (2000) model. Sony's latest incarnation of the PSP is nowhere near as big a deal as the upcoming Nintendo DSi – and, in fairness, Sony isn't claiming it to be.

It's instead a minor revision to the PSP 2000 hardware, which includes a few things that perhaps the Slim & Lite should have had in the first place: a built-in microphone and the ability to hook it up to and play games on any TV through a special cable via composite connections (as opposed to component-only, as with PSP 2000), for instance.

There's no Memory Stick Duo (needed to save games and downloaded content onto) so if you don't already have one from an old model PSP (or other Sony product such as camera), you might want to look out for a pack which includes one, or just remember to pick up one separately.

The dimmest – level 1 – is still probably a bit too dim to play games in anything other than a cave, but the remaining three are beautifully bright and clear.

Increased brightness and contrast levels are great, but they're not all you get from the PSP 3000's improved screen.

It's also more 'anti-glare' than before, which Sony claims makes gaming outside or in bright lighting conditions more bearable.

Admittedly when we first turned our PSP 3000 on, we weren't left blown away and reaching for our shades to shield its brightness.

(But then we did quite stupidly decide to make the monochrome – and a side-by-side comparison against the PSP 2000, you can appreciate the difference.

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