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"This is a big component for the Iraqis to solve Iraqi crimes," said Lt. One of the suspected criminals was in possession of a hand grenade at the time of his arrest. During the op, 3 women and 8 children were protected.

A search of the compound revealed multiple AK-47s and other weapons.

"Many officers serving in today's IA also served under Saddam's regime, which is a totally different mindset.

They grew up and prospered under a dictator who called all the shots," Seagrist said.

Dear Interested Reader, Our focus story is about the important, difficult, and dedicated job of the Mitt. Mi TT team is continually faced with deeply ingrained cultural obstacles, which require patience and perseverance to overcome.

Iraqi SF and CF leaders conduct election rehearsal at COP Meade. In Afghanistan, CF target Taliban in Zabul, while also targeting an IED cell in Zabol Province. 31, 2009Blackanthem Military News Mi TT team advises, helps 9th IA Div. I have a logistics officer, an intel officer, an aviator, EOD, intel analysts ... You are not their friend - although friendships do occur - but there's also a working relationship that has to exist."With rapport well established and nowhere to move but forward, the 9th IA Div.

Feelgood—establishing the quartet as one of the biggest hard rock/metal bands of the '80s.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

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"They served with pride for their army and their country, and in an army in a new democratic society, we are trying to help them serve the people and a constitution, rather than serving a man." To overcome this lingering stigma of serving in a dictator's army, Seagrist and his Mi TT team have suggested and reiterated the importance of strengthening the IA NCO corps to distribute authority and provide a much-needed "backbone" for the army. He described how the ziggurat played an important role in Sumerian civilization, and the significance of Abraham's house in religious history.

"One of the big things that myself and other members of my team are doing is not only trying to get an NCO academy going but legitimizing the NCO corps. He closed with comments about cultural advances in Iraq over the last several years. It is evidenced by all of our cooperative projects and the establishing of a new Iraq."Schmitt responded in agreement to the words of Al Tayieh.

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