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His circle included Moshe Alsheich and Yosef Karo, as well as his famous brother-in-law Moshe Cordovero.Following the practice described in the Zohar of reciting biblical passages known as the Tikūn on the night of Shavuot, Rabbi Shlomo and Rabbi Joseph Karo stayed awake all that night reading.Alkabetz gave his father-in-law a copy of his newly completed work Manot ha-Levi.He settled in Adrianople where he wrote Beit Hashem, Avotot Ahava, Ayelet Ahavim and Brit Ha Levi.In this initial study of the interaction between scientific inquiry and Jewish law, I describe three basic halakhic responses to the medical branch of the scientific revolution in early modern Europe, analyzing these different approaches within the context of a stormy debate regarding a halakhic question among three great rabbis: R. Jakob Emden (1698-1776) - a formidable scholar and resident of the city.Yehezkel Katsenelbogen (1667-1749) - rabbi of the cities of Hamburg and Altona at the beginning of the eighteenth century, R. This analysis provides insight into different approaches to the relationship between scientific knowledge, notions of progress and the conception of law, and the correlations between social positions and halakhic jurisprudence.

In 1529, he married the daughter of Yitzhak Cohen, a wealthy householder living in Salonica.

This paper investigates the eighteenth century phenomenon of the wide spread and use of Sabbaetean literature by “main stream” Jewish rabbis.

For what reason did participants in the Jewish rabbinic elite posses and use copies of heretical manuscripts, while integrating them in their literally projects as well as their personal daily practice ?

The Scientific Revolution and the Encoding of Sources of Knowledge: Medicine, Halakha, and Alchemy in Hamburg-Altona, 1736 "Jewish law has many long-standing ways of relating to different types of scientific inquiry.

Yet what is the fate of this relationship when one of the systems—medicine, in this case—undergoes a profound transformation in self-understanding?

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