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In der Musikschule kommen Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Bevölkerungsschichten, allen Generationen und verschiedenen Kulturkreisen zusammen, lernen voneinander und musizieren gemeinsam. Vossloh is a leading global rail technology company.At a standard 4 persons per square metre there is space for 146 standing passengers, giving each vehicle a total peak capacity of 206 passengers.The M5000 can be operated as single vehicles or in pairs, the latter providing capacity for over 400 passengers at any one time.12/13/2017 Vossloh AG completes comprehensive restructuring of Group financing Syndicated loan of €150 million concluded with a minimum term of five years; Replacement of 2015 syndicated loan under significantly improved conditions; Creation of additional flexibility for targeted growth [...] 11/02/2017 German Railway Authority's approval of HSG-city creates new application opportunities Having successfully entered the market for underground and tram systems, the HSG-city can now also be used on main-line and rapid transit interurban railways.[...] 10/26/2017 Vossloh starts modern production site of rail fastening systems in Russia German-Russian joint venture with local added value; Focus of the technology alliance is the modernization of the Russian railroad network; High-ranking guests from politics and business present at the opening ceremony [...] At Vossloh, the lights are all green for committed and qualified people.Designated the M5000, they are similar in design to the K5000 series used in the German cities of Cologne and Bonn, and comparable to the low-floor CR4000 model used by Croydon Tramlink.

They operate both singularly and in pairs, denoted by dbl for pairs on passenger information displays.

We make an important contribution to the mobility of people and the transport of commodities – safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Vossloh AG is a listed company and in 2016 (excluding the Electrical Systems business Unit, which has been sold) it achieved sales of around €930 Million with over 4,000 employees.

Furthermore, the increased length of triple or quadruple trams would cause issues in areas of large pedestrian traffic nearby such as stops through Manchester city centre.

The first 60 (3001-3060) are fitted with automatic tram stop and vehicle recognition equipment and can be used anywhere on the Metrolink network.

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