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While some would explain that these are both two sides of the same coin, it seems to this author that they are in fact two separable concepts.

There seems to be a third method, taking a less mystical approach.

The original Sfer of the Riminover is not easily accessible as only the first volume is readily extant.

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The container of the Mahn (Tzintzenes Ha Mahn)was placed alongside the Aron in both the Mishkan and the Beis Ha Mikdash until the days of Yoshiahu the King, one hundred years before the destruction of the First Beis Ha Mikdash. NOT FOUND IN SIDDURIM The Aruch ha Shulchan points out that in his time, the Parshas Ha Man was not found in the siddurim, if it ever was.

THE TUESDAY OF BESHALACH MINHAG So when exactly did the newer custom of reciting it on one particular Tuesday in the year arise?

And who was it that promulgated the new twist on the Minhag?

The Shla’s father in his Yesh Nochlin also writes this.

From the Shla’s father, however, this is merely the ideal method to do so.

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