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Warming the couch in a truly fabulous fashion will be Elton John as he talks about his new album Diamonds as he says ‘Greatest Hits’ sounded so boring.Graham asks the legendary rock-star about the longevity of his 50-year career to which Elton John says ‘I sometimes wonder how I crammed it all in.I’ve been lucky enough to do what I have always done. It doesn’t matter how many hits you’ve had, you’ll always be successful if you can.’ Changing the conversations slightly to talk about the new light of his life, his children, he tells Graham ‘Life is all about having fun.

Very soon I won't have to work any I'm an English girl, with an accent looking for like-minded peeps. I'd also prefer to hear from others that are premium members so that we can communicate easily over PS and also as Isn´t life bliss.

But I am 43 now and realise what an idiot I was.’ Pink takes to the stage to sing What About Us live in studio before Graham takes a hand to the lever for the Big Red Chair shenanigans.

She's really hot, and she has the personality to go with it!

’ World renowned singer Pink joins the line-up to let us in on what she has been doing for the past five years since she released her last album, to which she says ‘I didn’t realise it had been so long.

I was doing bake sales and kindergarten.’ At age 35 Pink was told her latest work wouldn’t get radio play to which she says ‘I’m so glad I proved them wrong.’ Her kids are also her worst critics as she says that her son just cries when she sings and her daughter prefers Sia.

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