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Listed price is charged per application unless it is specially clarified.

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Important: Please note that this service cannot be combined with any Priority service type. To purchase this service, please log in at your personal account on this website and purchase it or ask our representatives at the Reception when you arrive at the Visa Application PRICE: € 1.60 Payment: Online This service provides you a message alert once your application has been processed and your passport has been returned to TLScontact.It will inform you that you can pick up your passport from your submission centre or your passport is being sent back to you by courier if you have chosen the return Courier PRICE: € 80.00 (up to 10 applicants) Payment: Online Visa Application Centre arranged Group Appointment Bookings for organizations, tour operators and large families who want to bring groups of applicants to visa Application Centres, but couldn’t get enough available appointment online for a single time slot.This service includes also preliminary bundling of passports in the passport delivery section, which allows to save time, while picking up ready passports by the group leader.

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