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The auction item was aborted at the last minute due to shipping and security issues that couldn't be resolved.Agonizing as it is to part with such an iconic and inspirational part of computer and film history, it is a decision which is better left to me to deal with, as we are only temporary caretakers of our possessions.I resolved the credibility issue by providing the only IMSAI 212A modem ever made (actually, a Cermetek 212A modem that I was evaluating as a possible addition to our product line).By repainting the front panel and carefully applying press-on lettering, I provided a plausible, if unstated high-speed data link (at a blazing 1200 baud! An acoustic coupler was still used to satisfy the visual effect in the movie.Mike told me that the screenplay writer Lawrence Lasker stipulated that an IMSAI 8080 be used as the visual prop for the central character's computer. At that time, acoustic couplers had a maximum communications rate of 300 baud (ridiculously slow then, and now by today's standards).Still skeptical, I read the script trying to envision the equipment requirements. First, the central character (Matthew Broderick) would access a military computer (the visually delightful W. The requirement of an acoustic coupler was mandated more for visual effect than for reality.Bob Walker, and I would be in regular contact with for him the next three or four months.The production had the backing of MGM/ United Artists and promised to have a major budget to work with. in the movie) using his home computer connected to an acoustic coupler and his telephone handset.

It is a singularly unique, one-of-a kind creation developed in the mid-1970's that significantly contributed to a new and encompassing digital technology that permeates our world's present environment in almost any way you can imagine..My Marketing Director Bob Walker sent off the requested materials along with a brief letter extolling the virtues of an IMSAI 8080 as a prop, and that we had many other related historical items, magazines, and equipment to sweeten the pot.On July 8,1982 Bob Walker briefed me regarding a call from Cliff Mc Mullen of Unique Products, a major pioneering product placement company in the Los Angeles area.No, it isn't ensconced in a museum or private collector's crypt.Here is the story and yes, it still survives NOTE: Much, if not most of what you find on the web relating to technical aspects relating to the "War Games" film has been extracted from the material below, most without credit to the source. " -trf (2-24-2010) Fischer-Freitas Company came into being with 0 (and a whole lot of faith) in October of 1978, established by my former IMSAI manufacturing Corporation co-worker (and sweetheart) Nancy San So Freitas and me. Avenue), next door to Mothers Cookies and across the street from Nabisco in a seedy south Oakland, California neighborhood.

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