Miss travel dating site

Eventually I walked her to the lobby, and she boarded her airport shuttle.

We’ve kept in touch a little, but I'll probably never see her again.

Which, I should note, started unpromisingly with a taco tour of Puerto Vallarta.

Yes, as delicious as seven street tacos in an hour is, it’s about as conducive to first date sex as a lengthy discussion about, well, street tacos.

With actual humidity, not much clothing, and a lot of tequila.Or is it a legitimate dating site for people with an insatiable wanderlust?In the name of hard-hitting investigative journalism, I wanted to find out.Now, again, you might think a girl who invites herself up to the Jacuzzi tub in your hotel room is clearly ready to party.But that would be missing the point of a "Miss Travel" date. If she makes it clear upfront that we’re not having sex, the rest of the weekend is devoid of any flirtation. Have sex too soon, and you risk some serious awkwardness.

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