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Maria Budlick ran out and told the officers: “That’s the man who assaulted me in the woods.

Terrified, Gertrude Schulte pushed him away and screamed, “I’d rather die! “Now you can die” said the man and hurled her away with such force that the knife broke and the blade was left sticking in her back. A passer-by heard her screams and called the police and an ambulance. In barely more than half a day, the Düsseldorf maniac had killed two children and attempted to rape and kill another woman.Tired and hungry, she agreed to accompany him to his one-room flat in Mettmannerstrasse, where she had a glass of milk and a ham sandwich.The man offered to take her to the hostel, but after a tram ride to the north-eastern edge of the city, she realized they were walking deeper and deeper into the Grafenburg Woods. ” “No,” gasped Maria, and in one word saved her own life and signed the death warrant of the Düsseldorf Vampire.Her companion stopped suddenly and said: The man lunged forward, seized her by the throat and tried to have sexual intercourse up against a tree. The man let her go and showed her out of the woods. She vividly recalled the nameplate “Mettmannerstrasse” under the flickering gaslight.Maria Budlick struggled violently and was about to lose consciousness when she felt the man’s grip relax. And in a letter to a friend the next day, she told of her terrifying experience in the Grafenburg Woods with the quiet, soft-spoken man. It was misdirected and opened by a Frau Brugman, who took one look at the contents and called the police. It looked familiar and she asked the landlady if “a fair-haired, rather sedate man” lived there.

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