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He helped Solo defend Hapes against a Yuuzhan Vong fleet before serving under his uncle in the defense of Borleias, where he began a romance with Solo which would grow intense as the war went on.

Fel continued serving alongside her throughout the war and flew in the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, which gave the newly formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances victory in the long war.

Growing up, Fel idolized his eldest brother Davin, and likely Chak as well.

He also looked up to Thrawn, a master tactician and strategist and the founder of the government his father served; Thrawn's name remained respected years after his death in 9 ABY leading the Empire against the New Republic.

When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Fel's father sent him to aid the New Republic in holding them back.

At the close of the Second Galactic Civil War, Fel aided the Jedi in defeating Darth Caedus. And as for fighting for my freedom, I've been doing that in the Unknown Regions for all my life." Soontir Fel had been a highly successful Imperial fighter pilot and Syal Antilles was a holodrama star, performing under the name Wynssa Starflare, when they married.

During peace negotiations, Luke Skywalker forced the Moff Council of the Imperial Remnant to accept Fel as the Remnant's Head of State so that he could keep tight control of the devious Moffs and in so doing allow a stable peace settlement. Eventually, he became Emperor of the revived Empire, ruling as the first of the Fel dynasty. After the Emperor's death, however, Soontir's faith in the Empire was shaken, and when the New Republic captured him, he defected and served alongside his brother-in-law Wedge Antilles in Rogue Squadron.

Fel was not the most outstanding cadet, and frequently crashed his clawcraft fighter.

The chief mechanic at the academy, Obersken, frequently reprimanded Fel for his crashes, which often resulted from impulsive, undisciplined acts of attempted heroism.

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