Infopath updating the site content type failed

The following modified script does this for the “Title” field (note that I’ve changed the function signature to take the title in as a parameter): The changes to the original function have been highlighted.Note that the internal field name for the “Title” field is “Job Title” and that is what we are using to set the Title.There are a number of approaches and each has its pros and cons.This is still possible, but I would discourage it in many cases, even though this has been my bread and butter approach for years.This “User Information List” is located at By looking at this list you can see that several key pieces of information are stored here – unfortunately, when you change this information in Active Directory the information stored here is not updated (even after running a full or incremental import via UPS).To complicate matters there is no way to edit the information via the browser, thus the need for a Power Shell script.Now if we run this modified script we should see the Title field updated: Okay, so what about the other fields (Department, Mobile Number, etc.)?

These new kids on the block are the successors to Info Path, as announced at Microsoft Ignite.Now if we look at the user details in the Site Collection and the People Picker we should see the following: Notice that the the “Name” / “Display Name” and “Work e-mail” / “E-Mail” fields were updated but not the “Title” field.This is because the corresponding to the user from the hidden “User Information List” and then update the corresponding fields manually.So before I show the modified script it’s first important to understand the problem and why I needed to use a script and why what I had in the book is somewhat incomplete.Whenever you grant a user rights to a Site Collection or when that user creates/updates/deletes any item within a Site Collection, an entry for the user will be added to a hidden user information list, if not already there.

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