How to put sex faces in chatting

We live in a high tech world—with high tech classrooms.We embrace the benefits of using i Pads during class, integrating tweets during presentations, and teaching students while using smart TVs.And the anonymity of technology can also make it easier for people to bully others online.A quarter of teenagers say they have been bullied either by text or on the Internet.A study on two groups of sixth graders found that kids who had no access to electronic devices for five days were better at picking up on emotions and nonverbal cues of photos of faces than the group that used their devices during that time.The increased face-to-face interaction that the test group had made students more sensitive to nuances in expression.

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All of us were professional people and, even if I say so myself, fairly attractive.

In addition, the article said, children who use too much technology may not have enough opportunities to use their imagination or to read and think deeply about the material.

Using technology can affect a child’s ability to empathize.

With technology that includes cars, television, computers and mobile devices, the amount of time we spend sedentary increased and our time in physical activity dropped.

We’re certainly not advocating cutting out all technology, but, as with most things, moderation is best.

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