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I love that it captures the feel of , while adding to it.The third-act suffers from incredibly far-fetched plotting but the episode’s very last moments are great.

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He's after a slim girl with long blonde hair, but warns she must make a good first impression as he'll ditch them if their personality doesn't match up with their good looks. Every night a clone gets the chop, and at the end of the week the singleton is left with their three favourites and must pick their "one and clonely".Once they’ve created a perfect partner in terms of looks, the show’s dating database will scour the country to find ten real suitors fitting this specific image.Of course it's not all down to looks; over the week those looking for a match set their dates challenges aimed at revealing their true characters.Our society will be ill-equipped to deal with this when it happens.I think we got three great episodes (USS Callister, Hang the DJ, Black Museum), one good episode (Metalhead), and two outright terrible episodes (Arkangel, Crocodile).

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