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Rick was already six foot and soon discovered the joys of earning a couple of quid and spending it on beer. Clarke's was made - Passes driving test and purchases a 1958 Ford 100E Anglia. The band was a huge hit at the school dance which was marred only by Rick driving his car over the headmaster's prize rose bed and subsequently forfeiting the fee. Also forms his own dance band, (The Green Dolphin Trio), and obtains a residency at the Borough of Brent Council Social Club in Alperton, Middlesex.

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The family decided to have a bit of a change for holiday this year and so went the last two weeks in August instead of the first two to... - Rick is entered for loads of festivals and proceeds to win most of them.Rick's life history so far seems to have been written so many times that we thought it would be nice to present it in a different way this time around, and so we have chronicled some of the major and not so major events that have happened in Rick's life throughout each of the 66 odd years.Either scroll at leisure through the years, or pick a year.Lewis's rulers in half but luckily they were never able to pin it on Rick as he put the saw back in the caretaker's room before it was discovered missing. He eventually ran off to Spain with a girl from the fourth form, where they married and lived happily ever after until Bill's death some ten or so years ago.We will let you decide what the possible cause of death was. Rick passes Grade One examination on the piano with distinction.

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