Catchy dating headline for women

Caroline Saddington, 39, is a children’s nurse who lives in Nottinghamshire with her son, William, four — conceived via artificial insemination using sperm from an anonymous donor.Despite having many relationships, Caroline had never met ‘the one’ and reached the stage when she had everything in life, except a child.Karen says that while their unconventional roles have taken some getting used to, she finds their relationship more satisfying than her previous five-year marriage to a high-earning workaholic who was always busy.However, while childless couples such as Karen and Stuart may find that the dynamic of a high-earning wife supported by her devoted husband works well, the problems usually start with the pram in the hall.The brilliant comedy couldn’t disguise the sad undercurrent of that movie.The world was changing, as economic needs shifted and unemployment figures rose.

Karen Kimberley, 50, from Berkshire, owns a communications business, while her partner Stuart, 43, runs a small car-valeting firm.

Girls are already ahead in most subjects by the age of five, and the gap widens as they get older.

Each summer we read about girls out-performing boys at GCSE and A-level (although, this year, for the first time, fractionally more boys gained the A* grade), even in traditionally masculine subjects such as engineering and construction.

‘He was frivolous with money and liked to splash out and buy designer clothes, all from our joint account,’ she says.

Significantly, Sarah sees her daughter’s future as mirroring her own: ‘I want to ensure she has a good education that will open doors to a career, so she can be independent and won’t need to rely on a man financially.’ Some women are going even further.

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