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In contrast, the No Ji Wook has been able to develop consistently, which speaks volumes about the drama. That's why the chemistry sucks, ladies and gentlemen. the main problem about this drama are the script and the character of the actress that been selected for the role.

Storyline hard to enjoy when the female lead has to be the one doing stupid things all the time and instead of just fessing up as bad judgment call, it's actually just cause her character needs to be saved... The pairing are not match at all, they should choose older female actress who can portray mature/tomboy character.

Because the background of the story are office & laws.

This is need an actress who looks rebel and strong character. And Ji chang wook, he is very good in all genre, but he is more fantastic in action genre.

Each episode is 30 minutes long and I binge watched every episodes and finished in 2 days!Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) is a judicial apprentice at the Judicial Research and Training Institute.One day, on the subway, she mistakes Ji-Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) for a molester.I really hope he does more romantic comedies when he comes back from the military. This is one of my most fav dramas which makes my heart flutters ..... Love them all The chemistry between main leads is spectacular, you can feel that love is in the air (kyaaaaaa) Already watched it 3 times now, and I believe I can't stop This drama is hard to watch, but since I'm almost halfway done, I'm just going to finish it. Beginning, she was 4 level taekwondo expert with a soft heart for love, but with a real brazen personality.Don't listen to anyone who says the chemistry between the leads was bad, just watch the bts! Since I'm not a fan of both leads but a k drama fan, i don't know about their chemistry but.... But, later on, gets scared at every little thing, whimpers, cowers, and becomes just another damsel in distress.

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